Capstone Final Documentation

For my capstone I initially set out trying to explore the question of how can we use typography to express emotion and humanity in an age of digital communication. I wanted to embed feeling into a font to try to avoid situations where you don't know the tone of a conversation or a message. Sometimes … Continue reading Capstone Final Documentation


Interactive Experience

For our Interactive Experience, Emma, Lillie, and I, chose to analyze the side staircase of the Environmental Design building and how we could create an experience within the space. Context Upon our initial exploration of the space we found that the stairwell is pretty bland and plain. It comprises mostly of concrete and painted brick. … Continue reading Interactive Experience

Week 9: More Color Implementation & User Experience Prototype

This week was challenging because I tried to start to create an interactive prototype so that I could start testing different user experiences. Initially I wanted to use the prototyping tool JustInMind because they had a tutorial on how to prototype a chatting app. I started following the tutorial but I found it was limiting … Continue reading Week 9: More Color Implementation & User Experience Prototype