Lab 1

The purpose of this lab is create a circuit that lights a LED via a switch, using a breadboard. In addition, I needed to create an enclosure for my breadboard that protected the wires but allowed access to the button switch and LED.

The completed circuit shown below includes 7805 Voltage regulator, 220 ohm resistor, switch, LED, and power supply according to the schematic diagram.

After completing the circuit I used cardboard to enclose the breadboard and all of the wires. I wanted to build in a creative way to access the button switch and LED, so I thought of creating a sliding door. In order to do so I made a double layered lid with a thiner piece of cardboard that could freely slide back and forth using a small slit cut in the thin cardboard, which acts as a handle.

The rest of the enclosure is a standard box with a small hole cut in the side so that the power supply or battery can be easily attached. The following pictures demonstrate how one can access the button and LED by sliding the cardboard window open.

This lab gave me a small look into the projects that we will be working on in the future. From this lab I hope to gain more confidence in my ability to build more complex circuits by myself and not be afraid of trying new things along the way.


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