Materials, Waste, and Sustainability

Over the years, humankind has taken advantage of the planet and the resources that it offers. People don't realize how they are impacting the world on a global scale. Part of the problem is the fact that consumers have been raised to seek out the best, the biggest, and the newest. The article, "Wasteful Scandinavians," … Continue reading Materials, Waste, and Sustainability


Lab 6

For this lab we created two different circuits that utilized a pseudo-analog output voltage with Pulse-width modulation and frequency modulation. Part 1: Servo Motor Control with an Arduino For the first part of the lab I used a potentiometer to control the angle of a servo motor. The code required us to include the servo … Continue reading Lab 6

Assignment 4: Collaborative Stargazing

For this assignment I extended my pervious assignment, Stargazing, to create a multi-user interactive drawing experience using p5 and Now users are able to create constellations with each other, since they all are able to see the same placement of stars. Also, the connections that one user makes will be displayed to other users. To … Continue reading Assignment 4: Collaborative Stargazing