Assignment 2

In order to extend the simple chat example from class I decided to alter how the messages between users are displayed. I used JavaScript to create new divs where the messages would be displayed. To make them more interesting, the color of the divs are dependent on how long the message is, when the message was sent, and the ASCII value of the message. I also added some other basic CSS styling to the divs, including manipulating JavaScript’s random function to randomly place the messages on the page.

simple-chat-video from kshioshita on Vimeo.

Here’s a link to a GitHub Gist with the bulk of what I did to create and style the messages:

Here’s a link to the full code on my GitHub:

A link to my site (when the server’s running):

I learned how to convert strings to ASCII values here:

I learned how to add text to a newly created div in JavaScript from the Modzilla Developer Network:


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