Project 1

“Save” the Whale – Keep your trinkets and mementos safe

“Save” the Whale is a bowl/box that can hold small trinkets, mementos, or jewelry. For this project I wanted to create a box or dish that would help me organize my bedside table. One of my favorite animals are whales, so I thought I could combine the two to create a unique model. I thought that a whale would be a good animal to turn into a container because it allows for a large volume that can be hollowed out without losing any detail. Through my box I wanted to express a different side of whales and show how I visualize them shooting water into the air, in a more exaggerated form.

Also, instead of just creating a box that looked like a whale, I wanted to develop a story to go along with it. My model reminded me of the movie, Pinocchio and how the whale in the story swallowed the protagonist’s boat. So, in a similar fashion I created a small boat inside my whale box. Like mugs that have small figurines in them, the boat that can be seen amongst treasures and jewels, if you use the box for that reason. In addition, my model is very functional since it can hold a variety of objects and serves my initial goal of holding trinkets. Overall, my Whale Box expresses my fondness of whales while also reminding me of childhood memories, enjoying Pinocchio.

Presentation Sheet

Final screen shot

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