Project Proposal

For my project I wanted to create a box that would help remind me to return my USB to a safe place. I’m going to create a box with a personal attachment to my USB. So, if the USB is removed for a long period of time, the box will begin to complain and even cry. When the USB is returned to the box it will return to it’s happy self. This audio feedback will also create an incentive and a reminder for me to return the USB. In order to measure if the USB is in the box I will use a force sensor and to give feedback to the user, I will use a MP3 shield and speaker.

Part List:

  • SparkFun MP3 Player Shield
  • Arduino Uno
  • Wire
  • Solder
  • Force Sensor.
  • Resistors
  • Speaker
  • MicroSD card with adapter
  • Box (laser cut or pre-made)

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