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The idea that form follows function has ruled design for decades but the author of the “The Demise of ‘Form Follows Function,'” Alice Rawsthorn argues just the opposite. Technology and digital media has changed how we look at design because they don’t always rely on how the physical design of a website or a computer determines how the object is used. More often, technology has become a “black box” that takes in information and then outputs something different to the user. People who use computers, smartphones, iPads, etc. don’t necessarily know what’s going on in the inside of the machine; however, that isn’t the fault of the designer. Good designers make it possible for users to not need to know what goes on behind the scenes. The design of user interfaces has become more important because they connect people with technology and allow them to use technology as a tool for work or entertainment. The idea that form follows function can’t always apply to technology like computers and smart phones because they have limitless functions and possibilities, so designing a button for each feature would be impossible. In addition, graphic design and web design has become increasingly important because of how quickly people take in information and how they navigate the web. Users have been trained to have certain expectations of websites like navigation and links, so it is up to designers to make sure that they have streamlined and functional sites. Although, designers aren’t always designing a physical object, they still ned to consider the same basic principles of design for example the innovation, usefullness, understandibility, and honesty.


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