Project 1 Proposal

For Project 1, I want to create a multiuser game using mobile phones as the controller. The goal of the game is to virtually fill up a bucket the fastest, so the user’s team wins. As users connect, they will be divided into two teams. I will create a website for the game that will act as the scoreboard and visually show how full each teams’ bucket is. Each user’s mobile phone will act as a virtual cup that they can use to help fill their team’s bucket. Individuals will fill their cup by quickly shaking their mobile device. Then, to pour the “water” they collected, they will have to slowly tip their phone, simulating a pouring motion. If they tip their phone too fast, some of the “water” they collected won’t make it into the team bucket. The team whose bucket fills up the fastest, wins.

Using, I will send information collected from mobile sensors to the main scoreboard website. By monitoring the alpha position of mobile phones I can determine if the user is tipping their phone upside down. I will use if statements to check if the user is pouring their cup and if they are doing it slow enough. While pouring, the user’s x motion reading will determine if all of their “water” is transferred to the team bucket or just a portion. Also, by monitoring the x motion of users’ mobile phones I can determine if the user is rapidly moving their phone thereby trying to fill up their cups. The higher the users’ x, y, and z motion readings are, the more “water” they will collect. I will simulate water being collected on their screens by increasing the height of the p5 canvas. Similarly, I will use socket to collect information about how much water is being transferred to the team buckets and update the correct canvas height for each bucket. Once one of the team’s buckets is filled the game will end and each user’s mobile phone will receive a message over socket and display the winning team.


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