Project 2 Proposal

Our idea for Project 2 is an interactive guessing game that would help to engage a community in solving a problem together. The game is a 3×3 grid made from a material like acrylic. It will be opaque so that the lights can be seen but the circuitry cannot. A person sets a “chosen square” using their phone. Ideally, by going to a website and then touching their phone to the square they wish to select. The board will then turn all the LEDs off to indicate that someone can begin to guess which square was the chosen one. If they get it right the LED will change to a green light and they will have the option to set a new “chosen square”. If they are incorrect the LED will light up with another designated color for that square and the person cannot guess again from the same device. When another person connects to the website they will have the ability to guess from the remaining 8 options.

The purpose of the project is to encourage collaboration between people, even strangers who will never meet. It takes the form of a game that is visually interesting and pleasing to look at and interact with. The project is valuable in the context of our class because is an interactive design that uses serial communication to cause feedback in the form of light.

Supplies and Budget

  • 9 RGB LEDS- $5.90
  • Arduino Uno- Already have
  • Resistors- Already have
  • Acrylic – Already have
  • Sensor?- $?
  • User Needs a Smartphone – User provides
New Doc 2017-04-05_1
Interaction Sketch

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 7.52.49 PM


Project Timeline


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