Project 2 Proposal

For Project 2 I want to create a way that would encourage people to drink more water, so I thought of building a site that would allow a user to grow a plant based on how much water they drank. Whenever they would drink water they would record it on the site and their plant would grow. In order to motivate users, they would also see other users’ plants and the progress they are making throughout the day. By seeing other people’s plants users can be encouraged to drink more water or compete to grow their plant the fastest. By the end of the day users can come to the site to see their progress and see how together with other users they grew a garden. Every night the garden will be reset, so the user can track their water consumption on a daily basis. I plan to use to transmit data from user to user, so they all see the same display and progress at the same time. I will create the user interface using p5, so that I can constantly check and update the different heights of the plants. This idea also demonstrates real time technologies because when one person updates the site with their information, all users are able to see their progress as well. Users will have the satisfaction of seeing their plant grow immediately, while also knowing that others can see their progress as well.


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