Project 2 Proposal Take 2

For project two we want to create an experience that allows users to the have a mental health break and be able to stop and check in with their emotions. Users then we will be able to visualize the overall mental health of a space, like the ATLAS building. It is very beneficial to your mental health to be able to track your own mood and you can improve your understanding of others if you can also visualize the moods of others. We want to create a system where users can input their current emotion and then be able to visualize that emotion. Possible inputs could be a series of buttons or a website where they can submit their feelings. In order to show the beauty and importance of various emotions we want to use light and a complete spectrum of colors to display the emotions of our users. We were thinking of displaying the emotional data where there are general areas of a grid for each emotion that will light up and grow depending on the number of people who input that emotion. Like below for example.

Not only is this a way of accurately representing the emotions of a large group of people, it is also visually appealing and interesting to look at. This will encourage people to engage with the project by trying to understand the emotions of their peers and input their own data so that they can see how their emotions affect and contribute to the overall display. We were also thinking about the option to select multiple emotions an display a mixture of colors. Since moods and emotions change often the display will reset at least everyday so people can come back the next day and record how they are feeling.

Sketch of Interaction
Sketch of Interaction

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