Assignment 9: Sculpting Data

For Assignment 9, I created a 3D data visualization of Kpop group debuts from 2006-2015. Using Wikipedia and YouTube I compiled a list of groups that debuted, their debut song, and how many views their debut song has on Youtube. I then created ten concentric circles, one for each year, and then divided each ring depending on how many groups debuted. Each segment of the ring represents a singular group and the height of the segment represents how many views their debut video has on YouTube. I colored each ring so you can differentiate between the years. My data visualization allows viewers to compare how the number of Kpop groups debuting every year has increased and the correlation between high views and success as a group.

I also included a key to help further understand the data. Each segment is numbered and corresponds to the group, song, and number of views listed under the specific year. KpopDebutsDataVisualizationKey



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