Final Project Proposal

For my Final Project I want to create a hanging paper mobile. I like simple, yet elegant hanging mobiles are because they let people see each object from multiple angles. Not only are mobiles made up of individuals items but they create an atmosphere and space that is made up off all of the objects. The theme of the mobile I want to create is geometric and abstract shapes. While researching paper mobiles, I came across a mobile whose base was a lantern. I thought I could incorporate this into my design because I want to play with how the light bounces off of the different shapes and what kinds of holes or patterns I can cut out of the shapes. I plan on designing with Rhino, utilizing the unroll command and laser cutting with paper.


Rough Timeline

4/20 Finalize Designs for Shapes

4/22 Prototype

4/24 Start laser cutting + Assembly

4/26 In Class Critique

4/27 Make adjustments/changes from Critique

5/4 Final Due + Documentation


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