Object Final Project: Mood Collector

For our final project we wanted to create a visually appealing and interesting way of displaying the emotions of those in a space. We thought about how it is beneficial to your mental health to be able to track your own mood and improve your understanding of others by becoming aware of the various moods … Continue reading Object Final Project: Mood Collector


Project 2 Proposal Take 2

For project two we want to create an experience that allows users to the have a mental health break and be able to stop and check in with their emotions. Users then we will be able to visualize the overall mental health of a space, like the ATLAS building. It is very beneficial to your … Continue reading Project 2 Proposal Take 2

Lab 8

In this lab we used serial communication to send input and out between Arduino and Processing. We then built an interface using Processing that visualized that data. The circuit consisted of two potentiometers, which each controlled a different aspect of the interface. One of the potentiometers controlled the size of the ellipses created and the other … Continue reading Lab 8

Lab 7

In this lab we learned about different kinds of motors, DC and stepper motors, and how they work in comparison to each other. We used an H-bridge to control the direction of a DC motor and control a stepper motor. Part 1: DC Motor DC motors contain one coil and provide continuous motion. The function … Continue reading Lab 7